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Our children are immeasurably precious to us. One of the toughest decisions a parent has to make are early healthcare choices. As lay people, parents stand between the medical establishment and their child. This can seem overwhelming. However, one of our duties as parents is to make informed decisions because our children cannot.

Perhaps the hottest controversy in pediatric healthcare is the topic of vaccination. On one side of the spectrum we have very large pharmaceutical companies and the mainstream medical model and on the other we have the “just-say-no-to-vaccines” crowd. What is a parent to do?

In this article I will not answer this question but try and prompt you to dig deeper and make your own choice. My wife and I have 4 children and have had to think through this issue several times. I am a chiropractor and exercise rehabilitation specialist. I am not a medical doctor. But I am a diligent parent who has looked into this issue.

baby-13719870150asOne thing to keep in mind is that you have the right to choose whatever vaccination schedule you want. The system (at least in British Columbia as of 2015) cannot force you to do any vaccinations. You can dictate which vaccines you want and when you want them introduced. Currently, the schedule decided upon by the B.C. and Canadian medical system introduces at least 5 vaccines to each 6 month old infant. This is not due to longitudinal studies inquiring when vaccinations are most effective or how many to implement. This schedule is primarily based on the need to save time and money and cause administrative ease. Whether or not this is harmful to a young, underdeveloped immune and nervous system is not known.

That’s the problem. It is not known. It may be just fine, it may not. Further, in order to preserve the vaccines as well — and as cheaply — as possible, pharmaceutical companies use heavy metals. Again, I do not know whether or not this are harmful. The answer is simply not known. But it is something to ponder.

I disagree ultimately with both the mainstream schedule and the “NO-VACCINE” crowd. Polio began making a come back in northern California regions where children stopped being vaccinated for it. Make no mistake, vaccines work. And very well. We could almost eradicate polio if one or two full global generations vaccinated for it.Truth be told, polio and other illnesses that are vaccinated for still show up in populations that are fully vaccinated. In short, vaccines are not guaranteed to work they are simply highly likely to work. Pure eradication will most likely evade us for many more decades or centuries.

I do respect some of the information brought up by the non-vaccinator crowd. It is interesting that autism rates have increased around the same time as mass vaccinations began. This does not mean there is a link between the two. It is interesting data but we still do not know if there is a cause-and-effect relationship here.

Please consider that Hepatitis B is contracted by contact with body fluids. If a parent is a dentist, lab tech, doctor or in any profession which routinely exposes them to body fluids, the Hep B vaccine is most likely a good bet. If the parent themselves has Hepatitis B or is sexually active with multiple partners, they should most likely also vaccinate their child for it. But if you are in a committed, monogamous relationship, work away from any body fluids and are Hep-free, you may want to reconsider the value of this vaccine. This is merely a food-for-thought piece of information and is in no way a suggestion.

The Gardisil vaccine is administered to 7 to 9 year old girls. It is used to protect them from the effects of cervical cancer should they develop a sexually transmitted disease in early adolescence.  Unfortunately, this vaccine has had tens of thousands of instances of severe side effects in the United States and over a hundred deaths. If your family  values make it unlikely that your child will be sexually active in their early teens, you may want to let them decide on it themselves as adults.

You may be surprised at how easy it is to get comfortable making decisions about vaccinations once you’ve delved into the material. Every parent should spend some time studying this issue before simply handing their most precious treasure over to the assembly-line mainstream system.

Please be informed and feel safe to discuss options with your family doctor.    .


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