“Dr Parenteau Saved My Life”

I like to regularly visit my rateMDs page to see what my patients are saying about me anonymously. You see, the beauty of rateMDs is that you see what actual customers have to say, good or bad. It is a window into the real reaction folks have of your practice. None of the reviews are paid for. In fact, rateMDs.com does not allow for paid content. You CAN pay rateMDs for higher exposure, but not to generate reviews. I pay NOTHING to rateMDs. So what you see is purely organic. 

One of my recent reviews started with “Dr P saved my life.” 

This is not your typical review, but it shows you how much of an impact a good clinician can have on someone’s life. And whoever this patient is, I want to thank them for the review. To me, a patient is a real person in real distress. I seek to have a real impact on them. And to be told I had a massive impact on someone is extremely rewarding.

Thank you.


Dr Parenteau

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