Specializing in exercise rehabilitation and manual therapy, Dr. Parenteau founded and operates Dr. Parenteau Pain Relief & Rehabilitation at 1B – 1830 Oak Bay Avenue in Victoria, B.C. 

He is a National Board Certified chiropractor in both the United States and Canada. He practiced in Santa Rosa, California from 2002 until 2007 when he moved his family to the most health concious and beautiful city in the world: Victoria, B.C.
office overview Dr. Parenteau was born in Sorel, Québec and grew up partly in Victoria, B.C. He is fully bilingual in sfdvFrench and English and is the author of a monthly health column for the “Société francophone
de Victoria.”UVic_CS

Dr. Parenteau has taught low back health and headache classes at the University of Victoria’s Continuing Studies Department.


University of Victoria      1994-1997         General Sciences

University of Alberta       1997-1999         Kinesiology

Southern California
University                       1999-2002         Doctor of Chiropractic

education logosDr. Parenteau wrestled competitively in high school and college and currently maintains his fitness through Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at the Victoria based ZUMA training centre

He also worked as head medical supervisor for the Maria Carillo high school wrestling program from 2004 to 2006 in Santa Rosa, California. He was also the head medical supervisor for the 2004 and 2005 North Coast Section California Wrestling Championships.

Dr. Parenteau uses all of the tools available to him in order to get patients to overcome their physical problems. Office visits are at the same cost regardless of which (and sometimes all) of these licensed treatments are applied to you, the patient, in order to cure — not manage — your pain and limitations:

  • home exercise prescriptions
  • ergonomic education (i.e.: how to sit, lift and act safely at work)
  • ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, heat, ice (the full scope of physiotherapy options)
  • in-clinic, supervised exercise rehabilitation
  • the full scope of manual therapy:  1.) athletic therapy stretching 2.) sports massage (myofascial release) 3.) joint mobilization 4.) joint manipulation

The goal of Dr. Parenteau Pain Relief & Rehabilitation is to help patients overcome their symptoms and limitations, not to simply keep them in a revolving door of on going treatment with no end. Please see our testimonial page as well as some of our testimonial videos: 

No more headaches after over 10 years of debilitating pain

Years of back pain fixed in a yoga practitioner

Years of low back pain fixed for a trades worker

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