“While snowboarding I sustained a shattered patella and had been battling pain not only in my knee but all throughout my lower back down to my ankle. For the last few years I just figured it would be something I would have to deal with for the rest of my life, until I met Dr. P! With only a few sessions I noticed a dramatic change and I am getting stronger and feeling less pain every week! thanks!”

Rob J.


“Before seeing you, I was getting quite frustrated on the amount of progress that was being made on my torn pectineus. The treatments that I received from you along with the exercises that you recommended seem to have worked really well. I am quite happy now with the recovery and feel that I should now be able to do everything that I wanted to with sports.

Thanks Dr. Parenteau!!!”

– Colin

“I was visiting my mother in Victoria and developed a terrible back problem. I found Dr. Parenteau online. There were several very good yelp ratings, and I wasn’t disappointed. He was thorough, professional and helped me clear up my back problem in 4 sessions. I loves the exercises that he gave me to maintain my back health at home in New York City. I’ll definitely go back to him for a tune up next time I’m in Oak Bay!”
– Antonia, New York, NY


“As a nurse facing a workplace injury, not only did Dr.P provide me with the thorough hands on care/adjustments that I needed, but he provided me with the tools I required to strengthen my back to a level that would not only support me through the healing process but also prevent future injury and maintain spinal health.”

Melissa R., Acute care Nurse, Victoria


“My first appointment with Dr. Parenteau was shortly after I went off work with lower back injury. After a thorough assessment, he diagnosed me with a back strain. I started a 10 week rehabilitation program with Dr. Parenteau. His comprehensive program, specifically designed for my injury, included many aspects including: weight, cardio, stretching and core stability training; ergonomic retraining, active release therapy, chiropractic treatments, and education


photo by Vera Kratochvil – click image for more

The difference between my initial physical assessment and the same assessment at the end of the 10 weeks was incredible; i surpassed my previous results by a landside and the best part: my pain was immensely decreased from when I started. He pushed me past any limits I set for myself and when I hit a wall during training, he helped me to step back, take a day off, and re-focus on the goal. I previously experienced muscle spasms on a daily basis that debilitated me from participating in the activities/sports I love, disabled me from basic housework, and of course, I wasn’t able to work.

When the program finished, I was able to go back to my job as an orthopaedic nurse and can now enjoy all the activities and sports my heart desires without constantly letting pain decide my plans for the day. Dr. Parenteau is like a detective when it comes to solving your body’s problem, and if one therapy isn’t working, he tries a different angle. I highly recommend his services; whether you require a rehabilitation program or an adjustment, he’s your guy.”
Natalie Hagg


“Yes, I still have lasting manoeuvrability and good knowledge and ability to keep my back protected.  What was chronic back pain has turned to relief due to training principles and therapy practices done nearly 3 years ago.

Thank You!”

Joey Mckenzie


“Dr Parenteau’s approach is different than any practitioner I’ve visited. The focus is on whole health, changing behaviours and habits, and strengthening your body. This is not your typical 10 minute “pop and crack” chiropractic session; Dr. Parenteau addresses the cause rather than the symptoms. He is incredibly knowledgable about the mechanics of the body and the modern strains that we challenge our bodies with, such as sitting at a desk for long hours!

Dr Parenteau is friendly and professional, and during treatments he conveys a genuine concern for my wellness. I first visited several years ago when I threw my back out. Prior to seeing Dr. Parenteau I had undergone a different form of treatment for six weeks. Yet 3 session with Dr Parenteau essentially corrected my problem. He helped me get back on my feet then, and is equally adept when I just need a few “maintenance” treatments. I always trust Dr. Parenteau to treat me effectively and to hold me accountable for my own health by encouraging healthy habits.”

– Ashley


Dr. Emmanuel Parenteau not only treated my back and neck pain, but gave me a long term plan and at-home treatments to prevent further damage and help with pain management.  Moreover, he approached my back and neck problems with numerous techniques and methods that together helped immensely.

– Jasmine


“I was in so much pain and could barely do anything.  After only three sessions I was back sailing.”



“Doctor Parenteau was great, I had a lot of back, shoulder, arm and neck pain that he was able to ease with treatment.  I am not one for treatments as I can’t stand the noises, but it was quick and made me feel better after seeing him. Totally worth it! Doctor Parenteau takes the time to explain everything before he does anything, make you feel a lot more comfortable to work with him.  If you are having problems I recommend giving him a call”





“I am so thankful for your help with my lower back problems. you got me back to work in 6 weeks.thank you Dr. Parenteau.”



“Dr. Parenteau is an innovative, practical and effective doctor and chiropractor who delivers impactful solutions to problems relating to pain and injury.”

Pat Ferns, http://fernsproductions.com/


“Thinking my left shoulder would be painful for a long time, I hesitantly put my faith in Dr. Parenteau and my doctor.    It worked!  After five sessions with Dr. Parenteau, I have regained mobility of my left arm, and am doing my homework to get back to 100%”

– Sue


“7 years ago all I saw was darkness – lights off, sheets over the window & the noise!  My migraines were chipping away at my life & sanity.

Then I started going to Dr. Parenteau.  I truly believe he saved me.  His therapy style, his proactive way of including exercise rehabilitation & view of health in general is top notch!  Gone is the old stigma of chiropractors.  He truly believes in his work and is passionate about it.

Dr. Parenteau is such a great advocate for his patients & their ability to overcome – he gave me hope again & I will forever be grateful.




“With Dr. Parenteau’s treatment and help I was able to go back to work and be pain free after my car accident.”



“My Son Riley is an Elite level Rugby player having represented his School, Oakbay High and  the province of British Columbia at both the Sevens and Fifteens Rugby. Over the years Dr Parenteau has treated Riley for a dislocated shoulder ( twice) and a frightening dislocated wrist that threatened to end Riley’s young playing
days as a Scrum Half.

Last year Riley was able to Return to his Oak Bay High Rugby team after a shoulder separation and was instrumental in the teams undefeated regular season, thanks in large part to Dr Parenteau’s expertise and guidance”

Ian Macpherson


“I always leave Dr. Parenteau’s office knowing more about my body, and how to keep it working better, than when I arrive. Dr. Parenteau not only takes excellent care of my chiropractic issues, he also works with me to improve and maintain healthy exercise habits that keep me moving and pain free.
He quips he has done his job well if he doesn’t see me for months on end! However he sees me promptly if an “emergency” does arise. As an active, healthy senior this is service that I greatly appreciate.
Visit Dr. Parenteau if you need a great chiropractor and benefit from his knowledge and expertise.  I know I have!”

E. Mc.


“Dr. P is wonderful! He is extremely knowledgeable and is great at listening to the needs of his patients. I had been seeing Dr. P for a soft tissue injury from a MVA three years ago, when I first came to him the pain was immense, He took the time to explain the process to recovery and how to look after yourself after the injury, I would recommend Dr. P to anyone who wants to receive treatments in a professional, caring, and welcoming atmosphere. Thank you!”

Al Latreille


“Over the years I have been to a number of chiropractors and although most of them have been ok- only one has been truly exceptional, namely Dr Parenteau- he is a gifted healer.

I was suffering from an injury from a car accident when I was told by a friend to go and see Dr Parenteau. I’m glad I did- and you will be too!”

M.K. Victoria BC


“I first started seeing Dr. Parenteau as part of my physio after a car accident in 2007 in which I sustained neck and shoulder injuries.  His comprehensive approach to health was a huge factor in the improvement of my range of motion and strength.  No more headaches, no pins and needles in my shoulder, it’s all good.

When he gives you homework, make sure you do it, it makes a difference!  I have continued to use Dr. Parenteau ever since, whenever a minor issue comes up.  Some people worry that using a chiropractor can turn you into a chronic sufferer, but it’s just the opposite: after a few treatments, the issue resolves, and you are better than ever.

Things that have caused me to re-seek his care were tripping on a flight of stairs, injuring a disc in my back, and a sports injury.  These are not the makings of a “chronic condition” they are the results of an active person and are fixed up by Dr. Parenteau.  Dr. Parenteau makes what could be an unpleasant medical appointment into a comfortable and enjoyable health treatment.  Highly recommended!”

Mary-Ellen Lundgren


“I’ve been to a few chiropractors in Victoria after having suffered several lower back injuries from overexerting myself in badminton and I was pretty much convinced that they’re all quacks.  A crack here and there in a very expensive “chiropractic chair”, all in less than 10 minutes and you’re sent out the door to pay your customary amount.  I’ve worked out that these chiropractors pretty much make a fine $30-$40 every 15 minutes or so, with the way they try to churn patients out the door like in a factory line.  Until Dr. P.

I had the misfortune of being in a car accident in late February 2010 with a somewhat debilitating neck injury and my GP suggested going to see a chiropractor in tandem with a physiotherapist.  One of our friends suggested Victoria Exercise and Rehabilitation Centre, where Dr. P is housed.  He completely proved me wrong and proceeded to be the most amiable, knowledgeable and effective chiropractor ever.  The guy explained the injury, treatments available, billing and post-care stuff so well that you will feel like he pretty much anticipated and answered all your questions.  He does a very thorough job from check up down to your last treatment which results in a very effective and continual healing process.  The 3-4 months worth of treatments with Dr. P. gave me a solid foundation to build on and I’m pretty much back to full mobility now thanks to him and the physio staff there.  My progression was very much in line with the expected time of recovery for my sort of injury (about 12 months) but I’d say I was feeling back at 100% by the 7 month.  Bonus is, he’s also very up-to-date and modern; you can find him on Facebook and Youtube I believe, in addition to the monthly or so newsletters he sends out to his patients.

The key thing to remember is that chiropractors are not miracle workers.  You actually have to do your part too.  If you constantly go to your chiropractor, GP or whatever and whine about how your back kills you but you over eat and don’t ever really work on your core or bother exercising, they can’t cure you.  The important thing is to respect your body’s ability to heal but at the same time, push yourself too because a can-do mental attitude goes hand in hand with physical healing.

I tried to convince Dr. P. to move to Port Moody but no dice right now, which means I have to trek back to the island for treatments.”

Sheryl D.


“Hello my names is James Davidson and Dr Parenteau takes care of me. I had to wear a knee brace after Orthoscopic Knee surgery since I had a fall on a Transit bus. Thanks to my treatments I have been doing much better physically and now need only maintenance visits as I progress in my exercise regimen that I do at the Oak Bay Recreation centre.  It takes time to recover but I am very happy that I feel much better thanks to Dr. Parenteau.”

Regard, James Davidson


“I have been to many Chiropractors over the years and always felt rushed through. After a auto accident I was introduced to Dr. Parenteau and was pleased to find he took the time to prepare my body for an adjustment… I was very pleased with the results and have continue to see him whenever I have chiropractic needs.”



“I strongly recommend Dr. Parenteau for chiropractic needs and soft tissue pain. He has treated me for a number of  years and I have received much benefit from his treatments. He has a holistic approach and takes the time required for treatments. His combination of heat, deep muscle massage, chiropractic adjustments and exercise suggestions have been very beneficial. Thanks Dr. Parenteau!”

Grant M., Victoria BC.

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  1. While snowboarding I sustained a shattered patella and had been battling pain not only in my knee but all throughout my lower back down to my ankle. For the last few years I just figured it would be something I would have to deal with for the rest of my life, until I met Dr. P! With only a few sessions I noticed a dramatic change and I am getting stronger and feeling less pain every week! thanks!

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