Keeping Healthy Vs. Fighting Illness

A fence at the top of the hill instead of an ambulance at the bottom of it.

This is the major difference in philosophy between patients who continue to abuse their bodies and only seek care in high discomfort situations and those patients who want to stay as far away from a break down as possible.

Most people come to see me when they are in pain. After treatment they feel great and go on until they get hurt again. I fully understand this cycle.

One thing that has dawned on me over the years is how we perform maintenance on our cars, our computers and our teeth, but not our bodies. When you run your anti-virus software you do so regularly. Not just when your computer crashes. But to prevent a crash. You brush your teeth so that you don’t get a cavity.

When it comes to spinal (and other body parts) health, I’ve noticed that the patients who only see me for emergency help tend to get worse over time. And their comes a time when it is difficult — if not impossible — to fix them.

“How can I avoid becoming like that!?”

In all of my years of practice and clinical experience (almost 20 years now!) I have deduced the best possible approach to maintaining a body that is actually healthy. A high degree of functioning — not just being as close to the edge of the cliff without falling off — is what we want for our finances, our vehicles and our material things. Why not our very beings? Here is my list of “TO DO’s” :


1. educate patients on how to use their body correctly at work, home and play

2. prescribe corrective exercises and stretches to improve the function of the body

3. administer treatments regularly to break down scar tissue, reduce inflammation and restore proper motion.



Seeing patients once every month or every two months — even when things feel good — has emerged as the best (and often less expensive) way to put patients in a high functioning zone that not only keeps them from major flare ups, but delivers a high quality of life.

This is the philosophy of our clinical practice.

To promote and help maintain the highest degree of quality of bodily functioning in our patients.

Let us know if we can help you with that. Whether it is headaches or backaches that are binding you and preventing full living.

Thank you for trusting us with your care.


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